Our Vision

Every woman feels good when she looks good.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make people feel good, by offering exclusive stylish luxury products, using the world’s finest natural materials.

Rasa Lila gives you a delightful feeling of luxury, an unforgettable touch of comfort and a stylish look with a social conscience. Our products represent the Rasa Lila feeling: comfortable & elegant, conscious & sensuous.

Rasa Lila products are designed for style conscious, proudly feminine women, who want to feel the joy of life. There is no age group, only those with a lust for lifestyle: regal and refined, respectful and remarkable. For any woman who can appreciate the finer things in life.

Our Passion

It was a mesmerizing encounter with an indigenous Peruvian woman, who was focused on hand weaving a traditional alpaca shawl. It sparked something inside me, a passion that led to Rasa Lila.

From that moment I was dedicated to the idea of bringing the true treasure of alpaca to the rest of the world with my own new lifestyle brand.

This encounter ignited a true belief and endless enthusiasm about the opportunity of transforming these authentic, pure and hand finished alpaca yarns into luxurious modern, but still timeless designs. And soon it was developed into a complete launching collection of Royal and Baby alpaca scarfs, shawls, wraps and capes. We use only these purest and finest hairs of the alpaca which are spun into a wool the way it was always intended to be, heavenly.

In developing this first collection we became proud to play a part in sharing the wonders, brilliance and power of the Altiplano nature. Whilst creating luxury goods for elegant consumers we realized we could contribute to the conservation of the cultural heritage and social economical development in the Altiplano, for the craftspeople and farmers of that special region. It is this natural feeling of joy that gave us the inspiration for Rasa Lila.

Our Dream

Rasa Lila offers luxury lifestyle products, using the world’s finest natural materials and authentic craftsmanship. We create these products by transforming these treasures of nature into modern fashion statements, using a heritage of highly skilled techniques.

For our launching collection we used the majestic Royal and Baby Alpaca wool.

Our dream is a to be a highly recommended aspiring luxury lifestyle brand. Recognized for high-end accessories in the style community’s cosmopolitan life.

Rasa Lila products are designed to accompany you on your journey through life.

The Meaning of ‘Rasa Lila’

Rasa Lila is the combination of two ancient words that translate into the emotion one feels of love, joy and happiness in an act of expression, such as a dance or by living the good life. Rasa Lila, the brand, literally stands for ‘feeling the joy of life’.

The Company

Rasa Lila is an Amsterdam, Dutch based brand, founded in 2017. The business concept is to make worldwide treasures of authentic craftsmanship available for the rest of the world. This is realized by using unique natural materials and by working with the best professionals in their field: designers, producers, service providers, retailers and e-tailers. Together creating The Rasa Lila feeling for our customers.